About My business & I

Business Image Lift History

 My Daughter (Lauren Santa) and I are passionate and care about our clients. I was personally a victim of bad internet press when he was charged with one count of conspiracy by the Federal Government, a white collar crime. I owned and operated one of the largest business consulting firms in South Florida for almost 10 years.  My Family and I lost everything back in 2009. I also lost my freedom for about 60 months. Lauren and I developed Business Image Lift, and after 5 years of legal research and development the business went live in early 2016. We have put together a ingenious program that removes most negative postings on the internet. The posts we can not remove we bury. We also have ethics. We look at each potential client and do a risk assessment to the community. The company handles Doctors, Celebrities, Stock brokers, Moving companies as well as another business or people that have image problem on the internet. Lauren Santa the owner of Business Image lift States “The business has tripled in size in the last twelve months because of the referrals from their clients”.